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Psych Admin Partners Your Partner in Medical and Mental Health Billing We're here to help you with Behavorial Health Billing Let us handle your Medical Claims and Insurance Reimbursements

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Partnering with us will save you

  • More time for the clinical work you truly enjoy
  • No insurance and claims paperwork headaches or wasting time on hold
  • Increased collections means more profit for you – so our services pay for themselves.
  • We take care of the technology and NPI compliance required by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurances-you get all the benefits of faster claims turnaround without having to know anything at all about electronic claims.
  • Services are tax deductible
  • Personalized attention to the needs of your psychiatry, psychology or other health care practice
  • Founded in 1997: 13+ years of psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy billing service and practice management consulting experience in multiple states - we offer national expertise at an affordable cost.
  • We provide vital information for your private psychiatry, psychology, or psychotherapy practice on insurance/third party reimbursement/policy trends that affect your practice's bottom line.



Your time is important. You have patients to care for, paperwork/reports to write, calls to return...and only so much time to attend to medical billing and claims processing. Do you really want to do your own medical billing claims processing for your psychiatric, psychological, and mental health services, too? Sure, there is software you can buy – but software cannot give you TIME: Time to enter charges, verify benefits, get authorizations, and most importantly, to follow up on claims.

Working with Psych Admin Partners just makes sense. We give you TIME – time for your family, time to play, time to see other patients, time to do what YOU want to do. No more billing or NPI hassles! Our services, geared towards psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health practitioners, pay for themselves!

How can we help you? We help you manage your practice from start to finish. Here are some of the ways our services get results:
95%+ of our medical claims are submitted electronically. Our claims are fully NPI-compliant. If the insurance allows for electronic claim processing, then they are submitted electronically. Why wait 4-6 weeks for payment of your psychiatric, psychological, or mental health service therapy sessions when you can get paid in 2-3 weeks? Don't let insurance companies get months of interest on YOUR money! 

Someone personally oversees your billing. Many big billing services use an “assembly line” approach where one person verifies the benefits, someone else enters charges and submits claims, a 3rd person posts payments, and a 4th person sends out statements. We don’t do this. One person oversees all aspects of your psychiatric, psychology or mental health billing collection and works with you to manage your practice and maximize your collections. We don’t want to take any chance that any of your claims will get “lost in the shuffle” – they are too important!

Small biller: clinician ratios.  Our goal is nothing less than 100% of medical billing insurance collections, so we don’t “overbook.” We’re not an airline! Too many practitioners for the number of billers mean that things will drop through the cracks, and we don’t ever want to see that happen.

We specialize in mental health including psychiatry, psychology and other mental health services. Why should you be treated the same as a large medical/surgical practice? Your needs are different – and we understand them.

We have years of clinical as well as claims processing experience. If necessary, we can work with you concerning issues of “medical necessity” and clinical documentation.  We understand the special nature of EAP, DOT/SAP, CISD, group therapy and other unique mental health services. Patient phone calls are handled with the sensitivity important to a behavioral health, psychiatry or psychology practice.

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